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Registered in North Carolina, African Business Enablers, LLC  (ABEN) is a Foreign Direct Invest consulting firm that provides consulting services to companies looking to expand their market shares in all 54 countries in Africa.  ABEN grew out of the frustration of experts who continue to be frustrated by the inability of African leaders to create sustainable economic climates for investors. As a business enabler, ABEN facilitates joint ventures through its reach of partners and investors across the world.

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What We Stand For

Mission: Our mission is to optimize investment in Africa in ways that benefit its people;  optimize the continent’s potential and; conserve its  resources for future generations. 

Vision: Be the engine that drives business investment on the African continent by unequivocally modeling ethical business practices and spearheading trends. 

Values:  ABEN leads through its values. 

African development through mutually beneficial endeavors;  

Benefit to our customers and shareholders; 

Ethical leadership in all that we do; and, 

Never giving up on our commitment to our people and the environment


We offer a comprehensive list of options that can be customized to meet your specific business needs.  From renewable energy solutions to mobile technology; from  agriculture to new media, ABEN  provides solutions by anticipating your needs from conception to implementation.  Our consultants are experts in their field, recruited for specific projects unlike the one-size-fit-all solutions that larger consulting firms offer.  ABEN consultants go through a rigorous recruitment process to ensure talents are a match with both our culture and your project. Our directory of consultants is growing by the day. Like our motto states, we intend to be your gateway to Africa because Africa is not a destination, it is a a joint venture. info@africanbusinessenablers.com 

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Our e-commerce portfolio dubbed the African Flea Market scours the African continent to bring customers across the globe hard to get African products that will not other wise be accessible to shoppers outside of the continent.  Our understanding of African business culture helps us partner with African businesses, organizations, and investment clubs to build organic partnerships that yield the most profit and sustainable outcomes for our partners.  It also showcases ABEN’s commitment to empowering local communities. 


Renewable Energy Solutions

From small-scale stand-alone PV systems used for mini-grid service in rural communities to street lights, solar kiosks, mobile-phone charging stations, telecom towers, pumping water, and mini-grids, ABEN is committed to ending power shortages and spearheading the transformation of rural communities from dependence on agriculture residues and firewood to affordable and renewable energy.

Remote medical clinics, beverage manufacturers, and the dairy industry all require cooling to enable product storage. 

 ABEN works with different stakeholders to find solar solutions to meet any  project demands.  Contact us for a customized plan for your renewable energy projects.


Mobile and Web Technology

ABEN is proud to partner with Kris Incorporation to support clients in the following domains:

▪ Mobile, Database, and Web App Design, Development, Maintenance and Administration

▪ Legacy System Modernization, Integration and Migration

▪ Custom Software Management Systems

▪ Data Warehousing, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics

▪ Software Testing and Design

▪ Digital Marketing Management

▪ Application and Business Process Outsourcing 

▪ Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality



As experts in African economic history and trends, we seek to support United States efforts by providing the United States Department of Defense and other U.S. federal agencies with experts, advise, and support in permissive and non permissive regions of the African continent.


ABEN brings you the most comprehensive and up-to-date business news daily through our flagship ABEN Chronicles - Investment News.  We update you wherever and whenever you receive your information so you make the most informed decisions. Subscribe to receive the latest deals on the continent.

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