ABEN Focus



No economy can survive without a robust energy sector.  We partner with investors in the energy sector who can meet Africa's energy needs.  Our consultants will work with you on creative solutions to suit any budget. 

Science and Technology

Africa has shown it can jump ahead of economic development through unique technological ventures like mobile cash, solar energy, etc. ABEN seeks to accelerate the technological transfer so that Africa can fulfill its potential. Please, contact us for a free consultation.


ABEN believes Africa can truly be the bread basket of the world.  Our model partners American agro businesses with African community organizations.  We also help them write successful project proposals that give them access to finance, mentors and technology. Submit and executive summary of your project today for a confidential review.


ABEN is always on the lookout for opportunities to partner with businesses that want to improve their output. We specialize on all seven stages of the business life cycle from seeding to exit.  Our consultants will customize solutions to meet your unique needs. Schedule a consultation today.


From roads to hospitals Africa needs good infrastructure. ABEN consultants works with various stakeholders to make this dream come true. Our services range from helping communities request grants to identifying the right partners for your projects. Contact us for a confidential consultation right away.

Art and Culture

ABEN encourages creative expression of local talent and ingenuity through partnerships.  We identify and mentor creators of authentic content to build their business acumen. Africa's history makes a clear link between culture and dynamic communities. Modern day communities need art and culture to make them more resilient. These communities are the cornerstone upon which African Business Enablers stakes its claim. Submit a proposal for review.