IT Services

KrisIncorp, LLC

ABEN is proud to partner with Kris Robust Information Solutions, Inc to design and create IT solutions and services that will support clients’ evolving IT needs across Africa.

Kris InCorp is a privately-held, minority-owned small business located in Ashburn, Virginia.   Since 2011, Kris Incorp has witnessed its ability to leverage cutting-edge IT services, and configurable technology transform its client’s businesses yielding millions in revenue and savings.

Its core competencies include:

▪ Mobile, Database, and Web App Design, Development, Maintenance and Administration

▪ Legacy System Modernization, Integration and Migration

▪ Custom Software Management Systems

▪ Data Warehousing, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics

▪ Software Testing and Design

▪ Digital Marketing Management

▪ Application and Business Process Outsourcing 

▪ Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Its key Differentiators include:

▪ Specialized automating/integrating workflow management across supply chain, operations and quality management

▪ Innovative, flexible, and scalable solutions 

▪ A network of A+ consultants with experience on complex projects to successfully deliver business enhancing solutions

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1 (804) 457-8226